Submission Guidelines

When submitting to us:

Include the first three (3) chapters and the synopsis of the manuscript in the body of the email.

Attach the full manuscript in WORD document form.

Please make sure what you send us is as clean as possible.

Submissions are looked over by the President and Vice President of the company, so please allow at least three (3) weeks before contacting us again to ask about your submission.

Subject line for the submission email should include SUBMISSION: and then the name of your manuscript and your pen name (example: SUBMISSION: The Broken Bridge By Black ribbon Press) unless it is a series then the subject line should be, SUBMISSION: series name and your pen name. (example: SUBMISSION: The Bridge Series By Black Ribbon Press)

Please send separate email for each book unless it is a series.

Please include your legal name and Pen Name.

Please include the BEST contact information for you in the email.

We do not accept cover images from third (3rd) parties UNLESS you can provide proof you hold the rights to the image.

We are currently NOT accepting Children’s Books or Illustrated Books at this time.