Is Black Ribbon Press a vanity publisher?

No, a “vanity” publisher asks for money up front before they begin work on your book. Black Ribbon Press will not ask for any money up front from its authors.


What services do you offer?

At Black Ribbon Press we offer all the services you need to make your book print ready such as;
Cover Design
Once your book is ready we have a team that helps promote your book on social media. 


How much do you charge for your services? 

The fees for our services is  60% of the book sales.


Do you accept previously published books? 

Yes, we will accept previously published books as long as the author holds all the rights and is willing to pull the books from all the sites it is available.


Do you accept series and if you do,  does the whole series have to be done?

Yes, we gladly accept series and no, the series doesn’t have to be complete. All we ask is for the first book to be done so we have something to build on and generate interest for the subsequent books.


How do you form the contract for a series? 

For series we will do one contract for the whole series, we will not publish just one book from the series.


How many books does the author receive? 

Upon the release of the books the author will receive 5 free paperbacks.


How can the author get additional books?

Additional books can be obtained by purchasing them from Black Ribbon Press at a 40% discount. 

**If you have other questions feel free to message us through Facebook or email**